The lake Kaltern

The Mediterranean landscape around Lake Kalterer See leads many to the correct assumption that this lake really is the warmest lake in the Alps! There are four public beaches that offer direct access to the lake, known for its especially inviting water quality and colorful splendor! Sometimes it’s a tint of deep blue, other times it mirrors the green of the surrounding landscape!

And Lake Kalterer See is so versatile: row boats, sailboats, pedal boats and surf boards glide across the water. Yet it’s so incredibly tranquil here. For sure you’ll hear the sound of children’s laughter; after all, this is their little corner of paradise. Quite simply, it’s beautiful in the lake, on the lake and all around the lake.

Lidos at the lake

Lido at the lake Kalterer See, St. Josef/S. Giuseppe 16, T. +39 0471 960 032; open from 9 am – 6 pm (May, September, October), 9 am – 7 pm (June, July, August), price: 7 € adults, 4 € children (4-14 years)

Seegarten, St. Josef/S. Giuseppe 17, T. +39-0471-960 260; open from 8.30 am – 6,30 pm; price: 5 € adults, 3 € children (5-14 years)

Gretl am See, St. Josef/S. Giuseppe 18, T. +39 0471 960 273, open from 8 am – 6 pm; price: 5,50 € adults, 3,50 € children (5-15 years)

Klughammer, Klughammer 5, T. +39 0471 960159, open from 9 am – 6.30 pm; price: 5 € adults, 3,50 € children (0-14 years)

The four public swimming areas are generally open from mid of May to the end of September.

Biotop Kaltern at the lake

Lake Kalterer See is the largest natural lake in South Tyrol. The entire wetland is a natural paradise,. Since 2002 it is part of the Natura European network of protected areas. The belt of reeds at the southern end of the lake has been placed under natural biotope protection by the regional South Tyrolean government. It offers food, shelter and refuge to numerous species of fish, amphibians, water insects and birds; it also provides a safe spawning ground, breeding place and resting stop.